Materials Innovation Factory - Computer Aided Materials Science (Director’s Cut)

Made in collaboration with Giedre Domzaite and Supernaut

We were approached by UK agency Mocha to create a set of films for new research facility for materials science. The Materials Innovation Factory is a joint venture between The University of Liverpool, Unilever and the UK Government that provides world-leading, multi-disciplinary research expertise, unparalleled facilities and dynamic support infrastructure to revolutionise research and development.

Having produced videos for the client before, the aim this time was to provide more detail about specific key parts of MIF's offering. We also wanted to use a more detailed visual style, showing a world where the lines of the script all belong. More detail means a lot more work, but we are all very happy with the result.

Client: The University of Liverpool/Unilever

Agency: Mocha

Voice: Sara Mendes Da Costa

Creative Direction: Supernaut

Art Direction: Giedre Domzaite

Animation: Matthew Roberts

Illustration: Giedre Domzaite

Copywriting: Paul Ducco

Sound Design: 20below